The Interactive Learning Experience - Marlee Huber: Catching Moments...Releasing Beauty

The psychologist at our weekly networking breakfast repeatedly asserted, "95% of the people are motivated by fear; 5% by love."

This one statement led to a decade long pursuit to discover how to be a lover. In this world where fear is deep and dark and leaves so many in a crouch, wouldn't it be good to join the 5%? 

Want to be a lover?

This highly acclaimed learning experience will turn you smack around in another direction--face to face with love!

What if you really could love God and your neighbor and yourself with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength? How different would your life be?

This popular Learning Experience is creative, fun, interactive and life changing! 

It can be scheduled as a three hour survey, weekend retreat or multi-week series. 

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