Coaching High School Students - Marlee Huber: Catching Moments...Releasing Beauty

What if your high school junior or senior could spend some focused time with a personal branding coach who would help your student identify personal assets and ambitions to make wiser educational and career choices?

What would this be worth to you? To your student?

How many years of aimless wandering could be avoided? How many thousands of dollars of mis-placed educational dollars could be saved?

Trust me--your student possesses amazing gifts, bold dreams, wonderful values, and some fine life themes. Your student is brilliant and one of a kind. Your student is designed to solve real life problems as only she can. Your student is gifted beyond your wildest dreams.

The secret is tapping into his brilliance.

Life-Themes Coaching is designed to save you and your student money, time and headaches. Start with understanding her design before she sets foot in a university, college or trade school. Discover his brilliance now before he crosses the threshold of a public or private institution.

What Your Student Will Receive?

1. An analysis of her five small stones of strength.

2. Clarity on home and work values.

3. identification of career interests.

4. Insight on Most Desirable Motivational skills as well as burn-out skills to avoid.

5. A single word picture that best defines your student.

6. Resources for next steps in moving forward in education and career paths.

What You Will Receive?

1. A new way of appreciating your student.

2. New insight into your student's brilliance.

3. Peace of mind that she is pursuing a career path congruent with her assets and ambitions.

4. New language on how your student is wired.

5. Financial savings by avoiding educational false starts.

6. Less stress in parenting an emerging adult and helping him get his wings.

Contact Marlee for a complimentary 30 minute consultation on how life-themes coaching can benefit your student and save you time, money and headaches. 

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