EVENTS - Marlee Huber: Catching Moments...Releasing Beauty


RADIANT LIFE MAPPING RETREATS. Day-long or weekend retreats help identify how to flow from fear into freedom. From stuck and in a funk to glowing with life and wonder--that's what we explore.  These are interactive experience-based learning events. You will not be propping yourself up with coffee to stay awake. Nope! You'll be celebrating the creativity you didn't know you had! Meeting new friends. Diving into new freedom and flow!

CURIOSITY TRAMPS. Bring a camera or cell phone and join a group to explore nature and encourage wonder. Keep the kid in you alive. Noticing helps activate your creativity center. Stillness heightens awareness. Benefits will show up in heightened relaxation, more energy and zest for life. For all ages. Fun! Fun! Fun! 

These events can be scheduled for your own group of friends or family.

Want to turn a CURIOSITY TRAMP into a family-friendly photo shoot? We can do that!  We'll grab Marlee; you collect your tribe; we can all go climb a mountain or play at the beach together. We'll come home with all your memories on a single amazing disc tucked inside our secret chambers. Cameras were made for days like this! Marlee does the heavy lifting--ha! ha!--like carrying us up the mountain so we can make you look good!

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