ABOUT - Marlee Huber: Catching Moments...Releasing Beauty


When you meet Marlee, you would assume she's been carrying a camera around her neck for years and years. That would not be true. She is a newbie. In 2011, she asked the Engineer for a camera with a little hole to look through (she didn't know any better). He did extensive research and picked me out (I'm the smart little Sony A55) for their wedding anniversary.

The next year, being the good partner in life that she is, she agreed to traipse around the United States for 90 days following the Engineer as he bicycled from their house in Everett, WA to his brother's house--in Arlington, VA. 

That changed everything!

She didn't just carry me around her neck, she packed along a gold frame she'd salvaged from the Goodwill Discount Center and added a Liberty Bell she picked up in Eureka, MT. She kept a blog and snapped a lot of photos. Operative word--snapped! She had no clue what she was doing, ran me on auto the whole trip--rather insulting, but I never said a word. Once again, she was clueless!

After she returned home, everything changed. She took an online photography course,  read dozens of photography books, snapped another 100,000 photos and (sigh--!) pushed me onto manual! Then she took a workshop on the philosophical meaning of beauty! Now that was an instant upgrade as far as I'm concerned!

What do you need to know about Marlee? After meeting her, you'll never forget her. She makes a lasting impression on everyone she comes into contact with. She carries a zest and passion for life. It's fun being a camera around her neck! Her inquisitive nature leads to ideas and discoveries the average person would overlook. Marlee notices the detail in the reflection when everyone else is looking at a brick wall.  She's constantly peering beneath the surface and asking "Why?" and "What if?" All this is why she is a great photographer, a terrific life-themes coach and a well-loved presenter! She gets to your "why?" and your "what if?" She sure gave me a raision d'ĂȘtre!

Get to know this girl! She will forever touch your heart. She is one of those souls who makes you want to be a better person--or a better camera!

Send her an email. Tell her the Sony A55 said, "It's time for a camera shoot!"

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